Sunday, August 20, 2006

How to get your ass canned at my workplace?

  1. Grabbing the receptionist's ass repeatedly and telling her you want to tittie fuck her.
  2. Blatantly stealing office supplies while the CFO is making photocopies (two pages per side, double-sided mind you).
  3. Blogging about what I do at work.

So, the third point really did happen. Unfortunately, it's one of the reasons that keeps me from blogging in the first place. Companies have been keeping secrets since Coca-Cola no longer uses cocaine in their little mix, but where I work I can't really talk about what I do. I can't talk about whom I talk to, I can't talk about whom I work with (some I can't) simply because it may affect a company's bottom line. So, a relatively new employee where I work unfortunately forgot to remember his confidentially agreement he signed and said some wonderful things about an item he was working on. Well, the company called the boss. Boss apologized. Man was fired. We felt pretty bad about it too. He wasn't trying to be malicious, but the company believed that even the information in the blog could have affected their bottom line.

So, new rule...I cannot talk about work except to say it's busy, not busy, or I'm disinterested. Sometimes the generalizations can get you into trouble. With that, here is to a new month of posts. If I can do one everyday, I'll be a happy go-go bear!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

While watching my buds at CNN, the reporter announces a new Hezbollah tape denouncing something about the Israeli Defense Force. They bring up the tape (in Arabic) with and English translator babbling above the group's spokesperson. The kicker, the English voice over is from yesterday's press conference with President Bush and Prime Minister Blair! It was a hoot and it just made my day. Off to take in some UV rays and dip in the pool at the local homo haunt, The Raven. Ok, now back to your sweltering afternoon.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Market Days - Chicago August 2006

So, I booked my to Market Days in Chicago the first weekend in August. I had a blast last year and hope to do the same in a couple months. Hope to see some folks and make some new friends...

Enjoy your week.

Friday, June 09, 2006

D.C. Weekend

Hey, I'll be in D.C. this weekend. If anyone is looking for me Saturday I'll be at blowoff.

Come on over to the 9:30 club....good times had by all who visit.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

What I Love Most About...... Philly!

Ok, so I lived in Philly for about two years although my friends still tell me if it's not Center City, it's not the city. East Falls (Grace Kelly, the current governor of PA, Arlen Specter....) was a quaint little village between Manayunk and the Art Musuem. I'm not a fan of listing things, so I'll just leave one item and maybe a few weeks from now do another what I love most about blogs. Sound good? Clear as mud?

  • Food - I can not tell you how much (quantity, quality, sizes in between) I love Philly cuisine. More than cheesesteaks, more than deconstructed bouillebase, more than the creepy guy near the football stadium selling pretzels along the road, more than homemade lasagna at BYOB's, more than Flemmish mussels in beer broth, more than freshly flown-in seafood from Japan, more than my own cooking! So, yeah, I love it!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

OH my!
I had a wonderful time Friday night at Barrage w/ the bloggers.
One thing I need to remember is that imbibing in shots usually has me stripping or flashing someone (the exhibitionist in me)...good thing not all the boys saw it.

Looking forward to reading all the blogs from their respective authors that I met. If you're reading this, then maybe you decided to take a look at mine. Trust me, it will get better. Tonight is in Philly with a movie and maybe a misto shake from Rita's

Thursday, June 01, 2006

It's snifferific!
I got to hand it to myself to get sick soon after the XXL party. It's tough having a sinus infection, but it's worse when your doctor isn't available until Monday and your HMO laughs saying seeing an emergency doctor for a non emergency is a waste of time + money (and I agree). So, I may google health centers that have physicians assistants and take it from there. I get sinus infections (sinusitis or a variation of it) about 5 times a year. One year I had it 10 times so averaging about once a month my doctor basically told me to get the hell out of the house I was in and find somewhere else to live.
So, I'll keep blowing out my multi-colored mucus and maybe start some bacterial cultures to grow for friends. The sad part is I may miss the blogger event in NYC if I don't feel better tomorrow.